Are You a DIY Bride trying to create the perfect wedding?

Average Wedding Costs $25,000

Your wedding dress and veil will be a big part of your budget. Some outfits can cost thousands of dollars. Many brides want to know why wedding dresses and veils are so expensive. Have you asked that question? Before you panic, there are ways to find the perfect outfit, save money, and look beautiful. 


DIY Wedding Veil Tutorial

Milliner Tracy Young has created the ultimate instructional video series so that you can make your own wedding veil. She provides step-by-step instructions; sends you the materials to make a shoulder-length veil and shares how to easily put it all together.   Best of all, this tutorial will reduce the stress of trial and error. 
  • Module 1: Discover how to calculate the length of veil that is perfect for you 
  • Module 2: Learn the best way to easily eliminate wrinkles from tulle
  • Module 3: Discover how to avoid fussing with your tulle
  • Module 4: Not all hair attachments are the same
  • Module 5: Master how to put it all together

Tracy Young

Owner of Millinery Treasures, a boutique hat studio in Hudson, New York, has been working with brides for years, creating unique bridal headpieces. She is a classically trained milliner able to create a broad range of accessories from couture cathedral-length wedding veils to avant-garde editorial bridal pieces. 

She now shares her knowledge with you. 
What a few of her clients are saying...


Tracy is the perfect teacher. She can explain how to make any type of hat or bridal headpiece in a simple, easy-to-follow way so that you can make it yourself.


I can't wait for the big event and to see how beautiful the bride looks and feels.


Tracy understands exactly what Brides want. I'm so thrilled to have found her.

Ultimate DIY Wedding Veil Tutorial

Short on Time?


Before you decide that you don't have the time or patience for a DIY Wedding Veil, have you thought about family and friends? Many of them want to do something meaningful for your special day and would love to help you. But you have to ask. 

share this video with them


a special way to save money & create a memory

We understand that you want to create a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank and that you are looking for ways to save money.  Discover the ultimate wedding veil tutorial created by bridal milliner Tracy Young. You'll find that you or a loved one can create the perfect wedding veil without the cost. The tutorial includes step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and she'll send you the tulle and comb that you'll need to make a shoulder length wedding veil.   
  • Make a Beautiful Wedding Veil
  • Create a Cherished Memory
  • Save Money

$49 for Kit and Tutorial

What are You Waiting For?

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